The leader of ophthalmology celebrates 40th anniversary

First separate eye clinic was established in Armenia in 1978. It was named trachomatitis-glaucoma hospital and became the biggest eye center in republic over years. Today it provides the whole complex treatment of different eye diseases which can offer the contemporary medicine. Sergey Malayan laid the foundation of eye clinic and due to him it’s carried his name since 2003 till now. Since establishment the eye center has progressing toward the development step by step. The microsurgical center was set up at eye clinic in 1983. The core surgical procedures such a IOL implantation, phacoemulsification, keratoplasty, vitrectomy were invested. In 1986 for the first time in Armenia Alexandr Malayan performed basic surgical procedures in ophthalmology: IOL implantation, vitrectomy, artificial cornea implantation, keratoplasty and plastic surgeries on lacrimal system. Nowadays S. Malayan eye center continues to be the only eye clinic performing keratoplasty with high quality results. Beside the increasing rate of provided service and care, the eye center became an active participant of important events in our republic. The examples are earthquake in Spitak and the war in Artsakh. During that hard time the eye center had its significant role not only in eye trauma but in systemic injuries as well. Those days many medical groups from USA and Russia arrived to our clinic for support and assist to Armenian patients. The doctors from S.Malayan eye center went to Artsakh for on place help and transportation patients to Yerevan for farther treatment. During this period about 150 patients with eye trauma were treated here. S.Malayan eye center is the biggest multifunctional eye clinic of our country. Due to its cutting edge and modern equipment the diagnostic methods, treatment and scientific аctivity correspond to international standarts. The next step toward advancement was done by Elena Malayan in 2001. For the first time in Armenia she performed excimer laser procedure and based new approach for treatment of astigmatism myopia and hyperopia with laser correction /PRK, LASIK/. Since 2014 femtosecond laser correction for refractive errors is available in a hospital. Despite many ophthalmological centers established in Armenia, S.Malayan eye center continues to be in our country and geographic region the only eye center, where several surgical procedures are done, which are:

1. The treatment of lagophtalmos with golden plates

2. The treatment of ptosis with silicone sling

3. The plastic surgery for the treatment of congenital obstruction of nasolacrimal duct

4. Congenital, oncologic and cosmetic diseases involving lids can be done with new modern technique and materials

5. Eyeball removal with plastic implant for resolving postoperative cosmetic defects

6. Lacrimal pathways reconstruction with monocanalicular silicone stent

7. All types of corneal transplantation (keratoplasty)