Correction of Presbyopia (aging hyperopia) in at Ophthalmological Centre after S.V.Malayan

Surgical correction of presbyopia which is known as aging hyperopia was carried out at Ophthalmological Center after S.V.Malayan 4 years ago for the first time by Assoc. Prof. Lilit A Voskanyan, Head of Glaucoma department. Correction of this condition enables the patients to get rid of the glasses permanently. Currently the procedure is widely carried out at the ophthalmological centre. Another important surgery that aimed at simultaneous correction of astigmatism and cataract was carried out by Prof. Anna V. Hovakimyan, Head of Inflammatory Diseases department, approximately 2 years ago. In modern ophthalmology world it is currently a Renaissance era when the mentioned method is the most optimal and reasonable intervention for treating age-related vision impairments. It is performed in individuals aged 40-45 years and is very effective particularly for hypermetropic patients, as they get rid of carrying 2 separate glasses. The aim of this surgery is replacement of the natural lens with an artificial one that corrects the distance, near and intermediate vision. At the same time astigmatism, myopia and hypermetropia are corrected with special lens. Thus, it may be carried out in patients aged younger than 40 years, who have congenital, juvenile or traumatic cataract. As a result, there is no more need for the patient to wear glasses.

Currently all the necessary modern techniques are available at Ophthalmological Center after S.V.Malayan for highly qualified personnel of the center to perform such surgery.