Glaucoma Department 

The Glaucoma department acts since the first days of foundation of Republican Ophthalmology Clinic, established in 1978. From these days the department has done all necessary and well-known in the world exams and treatment of glaucoma. 
Now this is highly specialized glaucoma department where 10 doctors, including chief of the Department are doing all types of clinical diagnostic and treating methods and measurements, which are in practice anywhere in the world. Every year our doctors take part at minimum once or two times conference-meeting, international congresses and updating their knowledge. 
Highly qualified nurses and technicians provide doctor’s assisting process and work all nurses , besides their general education, have also retrained for ophthalmology practice. 
Today Glaucoma Department at S.V. Malayan’s Eye Center is one of internationally respected Glaucoma units, where all types of surgical interventions for glaucoma are available. Department has been recognized by US FDA as a site, where all diagnostic and medical methods are available. 

Examination of patients are going at modern equipment with Goldmann tonometry, pneumotonometry, tomography etc. Computering peremetry can show during 4-8 min. every small changes in early stages of glaucoma. All types of gonioscopy are available in Department to visualized the angle of anterior Chamber initial and treat the patients as open or closed angle glaucoma. 
OCT-s-Ziess, Stratus Hiedelberg are helping to see the first preclinical nuled changes in optic nerves which happened even before visual field’s defects. 
For suspectable and original cases the photos of anterior segment or especially posterior segment including the fundus of the eye are always possible to do. 
Ultrasound examination including UBM, are helping to differentiate different types of changes in the eye. 
Visante1000- machine is one of the last equipment came to ophthalmology practice in the world is available in department and helps to see the form of anterior segment especially the angle of the eye, by computering image. 
About 250 medical students and 10-12 residents every year have ophthalmology course studying at the department. 

The department’s activity is closely connected with the foreign leading clinics, the doctors get hare and periodically doing exchanges of experience with foreign specialists. Daily in the department are examined about 100-120 patients, monthly done 200 operations especially in the sphere of glaucoma and cataract. The unit is full of the whole kind of equipments, which are necessary for diagnosis of glaucoma, early period and which are used in world leading clinics. 
The main sphere of unit’s activity is glaucoma, in case of which infected the field of vision conditioned as the intraocular pressure level. Because of that it is leading to the non-returnable blindness. That’s why it’s very important glaucoma’s early diagnosis for what our Center has all necessary equipments treatment, prophylactic and continuous control making in the department. 
The treatment in the department is available for all: medical, laser or surgical methods in cooperation with pharmaceutics companies there are all types of antiglaucoma medications needed for treatment YAG, Diod, Argon laser treatment for open-angle-glaucoma have been done every day. YAG laser for treatment of angle closer glaucoma in working even near of ten. Pupilloplasty, tridoplasty, capsulatomy-is not a complete list of interventions possible in service. 


The surgical treatment today involves all famous in international ophthalmology method. 

1. Trabeculectommy with iridotommy for all types of glaucoma with or without cytostaties are helping for 99% to bring intraocular pressure down. To prevent postoperative hypotomy and complications, We do postoperative laser suture lysis. The hospital is the only one in the region, where this is possible. 
2. Viscocanalostomy-the relatively new surgery for more sensitive eyes with glaucoma. 
3. Draining system implantation for complicated eyes, secondary glaucoma, multiple operated eye is saving the eyes from blindness-Ahmed-Glaucoma Valve implantation, Baerveded+implant. 
4. Glaucoma device-Alcon shunt-for open-angle glaucoma has been done highly effectively. 
5. Goniotomy and trabeculactomy for congenital glaucoma-refers the side for babies. 
6. Intraocular antiglaucoma stents and shunts implantation for mild and moderate open-angle glaucomas-helps to bring intraocular pressure down and save the vision with almost 0% of complications. This is very short list of surgical interventions which are available only in our Center and in our Department not only for Armenia, but for the whole geographical region. 
The department is also involved to worldwide clinical-science investigative program and doing scientific work with different US companies such as Glaukos, Kato-pharmaceutical, DOSE etc., which helps always to be updated for new and modern methods, and use those back for Armenian patient. 
Cooperation with such famous pharm companies as Alcon, Santen, Liquor Pharmacetical helps to get all the new medications and supply in department. 
There are 3 PhD doctors working in Glaucoma Department under the chief-Lilit Voskanyan’s leadership. 
She graduated at 1991y. as a resident in the same clinic, 1999-2000 she got fellow ship for glaucoma at UCI—Californian-University’s Glaucoma Service under Dr. R.A. Hill’s supervising. Being Aleksandr Malayan’s scholar she was ready to learn more for glaucoma service and brought knowledge back in 2004. She got her PhD level and started to teach in Yerevan State Medical University-as an associated professor. 
She is one of permanent participants of all leading conferences in the world for general ophthalmology as well as for glaucoma area. At the most part of those she is having talk and presentations with different articles. For the year of 2012 she was faculty member for ASCRS in US and had 2 panell sessions lead by her. Lilit Voskanyan has written 36 article presented not only in Armenia, but in Europe, Russia, USA and other countries. Being the reader of Department she does scientific work with non profit companies to find new methods for treatment of glaucoma and in highly respected worldwide. 

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