External Diseases and Cornea-Uveitis Department

The cornea-uveitis department was established at Malayan Ophthalmologic Center in 2005.

The department takes care of patients with external disease, corneal pathologies and uveitis. Surgeries include phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation, penetrating keratoplasty,pterygyum surgery, corneal tatoo, chalazion, etc... The innovative surgeries that are performed only in this department and are done first time in Armenia include keratoprosthesis surgeries (Dolman type 1 or Boston type 1), limbal stem cell surgery and amniotic membrane transplantation. These surgeries dramatically improve patients care. Keratoprosthesis surgery is the only metod to restore vision in patients with severe chemical/thermal injuries, and patients with OCP and Steven-Johnson syndrome. Snce 2013 DALK (deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty) is being performed here , again first time in Armenia. lamellar surgeries give an opportunity to restore nondamaged layers of cornea, reducing the rejection rate.

More than 2000 patients with uveitis and different type of corneal pathologies are regularly followed in the department, the clinic day usually consist of 70-80 patients, about 10 residents are getting their rotation here, 70-80 surgeries are performed monthly. The department employees 4 doctors (2 have got training in US), 3 nurses. One of the doctors Elena Malayan has got training in US for excimer laser refractive surgeries and is currently doing her PhD, summarizing her results and meantime is head of Diagnostic Centre in the hospital. 

The other doctor, Ani Hambardzumyan, MD, PhD, has done fellowship in Central Florida Eye and Tissue Bank for eye bank management and is considered head of Eye Bank in Armenia. She provides corneas for transplantation, scleral tissue and amniotic membrane. All tissues are screened for AIDS and hepatitis B and C. Her PhD thesis was devoted to new method of amniotic membrane preservation and usage, outcomes in different pathologies of external eye. 
Another doctor, Svetlana Martirosyan, finished her PhD few year ago which was devoted on ocular Behcet disease. She is an assistant Professor at Yerevan State Medical University.

The department widely uses immunosuppressive meds in the treatment of uveitis, doctors have enough experience to follow for bone marrow, liver and kidney function. Patients ususaly get genetic tests (HLA-B27, HLA-B51, etc) for making an accurate diagnosis. In 2002 here first time in Armenia PCR and corneal scraping was implemented to improve the diagnosis and treatment of corneal ulcers. 
Test of dry eye conditions and punctum plug were also implemented here first time in Armenia. 
Head of department, Anna Hovakimyan, MD., PhD, is an associate Professor at Yerevan State Medical University, has got 2 fellowship in US (2000-2001 in UCSF, 2004-2005 in Cincinnati Eye Institute), participated in many congresses in US and Europe, has over 67 publications, 7 of those in US journals. She is also member of ASCRS. Did her habilitation in uveitis in 2011.