Diagnostic and Laser Treatment Department 

Head of the department - Dr. Y.A. Malayan 

Medical Staff -  3 doctors, 3 nurses, 1 orderly

Modern diagnostic and laser treatment department is the newest department of our Center. The department is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment: computer perimeter (Tomey AP-1000), diode laser, laser topography...

Pediatric Department

Head of the department - Dr. R.G. Harutyunyan

Medical Staff - 9 doctors, 4 nurses, 5 orderlies

The Pediatric Department of the Ophthalmological center after S.V. Malayan exists from 1978. Pediatric ophthalmologists focus on the development of the visual system and the various diseases that disrupt visual development in children...

Vascular Pathology Department

Head of the department - Dr. G.L. Grigoryan

The Department of Vascular Pathology was formed in 1990. During the war, it got specialized in war traumas. The department is headed by Associate Professor of Department of Ophthalmology,  Georgi Grigoryan...

External Diseases and Cornea -Uveitis Department

Head of the department - Dr. A.V. Hovakimyan

The cornea-uveitis department was established at Malayan Ophthalmologic Center in 2005. The department takes care of patients with external disease, corneal pathologies and uveitis. Surgeries include phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation...

Glaucoma Department

Head of the department - Dr. L.A. Voskanyan

The Glaucoma department acts since the first days of foundation of Republican Ophthalmology Clinic, established in 1978. From these days the department has done all necessary and well-known in the world exams and treatment of glaucoma. Now this is highly specialized glaucoma department...

Eye Traumatology Department 

Head of the department - Dr. A.H. Vardanyan

Medical Staff - 6 doctors, 5 nurses, 4 orderlies

The department of eye traumatology functions in our Center since the very beginning, 1978. The department accepts patients with eye traumas. All the patients are treated by the first medical aid, including wound treatments b y the primary microsurgery and amputation of intraocular foreign objects...

Ocular Plastics and Neuro - Ophthalmology Department

Head of the department - Dr. A.F. Gharakeshishyan

Ocular plastic services department was formed in 2005. This department organizes treatment of the patients with eyelid, lachrymal and orbital diseases. The head of the department, Dr Armine Gharakashishyan, PhD did full fellowship of oculoplastic surgery in USA University of Rochester, NY and in India, LV Prasad Eye Institute...