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I am pleased to introduce you one of the oldest and leading ophthalmologic centers in Armenia - Ophthalmologic Center after S.V.Malayan.

About the Center

The Center was established in 1978 by the chief ophthalmologist of Armenia Sergey Malayan, MD., as Republican eye center. In 1998 the Center was named after this famous scientist and doctor. Currently, it is the largest ophthalmologic center in Armenia. 
The Center provides a wide range of professional services for your eye care needs. Our outstanding reputation has been based on the caring relationships we build with our patients, and our continued efforts to strive for excellence in the field of eye care.
Heads of the seven departments which are operating in the Center have studied abroad and carry international licenses.
These 7 departments are: Consultative and Policlinic Services, Pediatric, Glaucoma, General ophthalmology, Cornea-Uveitis, Traumotology and Vitreo-Retinal, The newest diagnosis and laser department. 
At present, Center is equipped with state-of-the art modern medical equipment from the USA, Germany and France allowing us to fully exclude even slightest misdiagnosis.

Currently, our Center is the largest multifunctional ophthalmological facility furnished with modern equipment, which provide diagnostic, therapeutic and research-related activities in line with international standards. All of this allows us to perform almost all the surgical interventions in the world. 
Ophthalmologic center after S.V. Malayan is the largest educational chair and the largest post-educational base of YSMU after M. Heratsi. There are 4 Ph.D.s, 2 doctors of sciences, and 7 candidates of sciences. 

How It All Started?

Our Center is the legal successor of the Republican Ophthalmological Hospital of the Ministry of Health and was established on the basis of the Trachomatosis-Glaucomatous Dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. The center was established in 1978 with the direct initiative and support of the head of the clinic Sergey V. Malayan, whose name it currently carries.


Up until now you can find models that have been made by Sergey Malayan on the projects of Artashes Malayev in the museum of Yerevan State Medical University after M.Heratsi. These haven’t lost their scientific value even today. After graduating from the university, Malayan saw only one path - ophthalmology. Leaving behind a huge professional and material heritage received by Artashes Malayev, Sergey Malayan chose hard and long, but self-directed pathway and moved to Yerevan in 1953. In the same year he got admitted to clinical residency at the Department of Ophthalmology of Yerevan State Medical University. In 1958 he defended his Ph.D. dissertation.

Who is S. V. Malayan?

Sergey Vardan Malayan was born on January 4, 1923, in Tbilisi. In 1953, he moved to Yerevan and lived here until the end of his life. After the death of his father, the whole burden fell on the shoulders of 14 years old S.V. Malayan. That's why Sergey Malayan started working at the age of 14 to maintain his family.

Malayan's Achievements

S.V. Malayan has created the Armenian version of eye -vision chart. Working at Yerevan State Medical University, Sergey Malayan has gone a long way from a student to the chair of eye diseases department. He is the author of the Russian-Armenian-Latin dictionary, which is still the only one in our days. Moreover, S.V. Malayan is the author of more than 50 scientific works and the "Eye Anatomy and Physiological Optics" textbook.

The Scientific Impact

Fortunately, his uncle, renowned professor Artashes Malayev, took on the family's concern. After finishing his school, Sergey Malayan wanted to become an engineer. He was preparing various tools by himself. At the same time, respecting Artashes Malayev's reputation and taking into account his opinion, Sergey Malayan decides to enter Tbilisi Medical University.

Establishment of the Center

In 1978, with the active direct involvement of S.V. Malayan, the Republican Eye Center was built, which was back then called Glaucomatous Dispensary. Later, it occupied its noteworthy place in the healthcare system of Armenia. The Eye Diseases Department of Yerevan State Medical University (headed by Sergey Malayan) was built on that base. Unfortunately, his scientifically fruitful activity was interrupted during this most important period. In August 1978 Sergey Malayan passed away.

Our Departments

You can get acquainted with our departments below

Aleksandr Sergey Malayan 

Director of Ophthalmologic Center after S.V.Malayan 
The chief ophthalmologist of Armenia 
Head of the Ophthalmology Chair at YMSU

Zara Aleksandr Malayan

Deputy Director

Smbat Aleksey Ohanyan

Deputy Finance Director

Our Awards

Our Services

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