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Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK)
Glaucoma Treatment
Excimer Laser Surgery (PRK, LASIK, FemtoLASIK)
Prevention of Keratoconus by Collagen Cross-Linking Procedure

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The greatest wealth is health! Our center strives to provide high quality healthcare services in affordable and timely manner. Our friendly staff is always by your side to guide you through!


Our center aims to provide medical services with new specialty care oriented facilities. It tends to be progressive in service to its patients and community to be the leader in healthcare on the state level.


Our center is recognized for the quality of care and services. However, the best award our clinic can receive is our loyal customers and their positive feedback that builds up our fair name!

Alexander Malayan

40 years of experience and practice at your service.


Restored Vision of a Malnourished Baby: Special Thanks to S.V. Malayan Ophthalmology Center 


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The Armenian Eye 

Care Project

The Armenian Eye Care Project is a charitable organization the mission of which is to prevent congenital blindness in Armenia. It was founded in 1992, in the United States, by American-Armenian ophthalmologist Roger Ohanesian. Initially, ophthalmologists from the United States visited Armenia twice a year ...

Armenian Association of Ophthalmologists

On March 31, 2017 the Ophthalmology Center after Malayan hosted a meeting of the Association of Ophthalmologists of the Republic of Armenia during which the professional issues arising from the modern dictation of the Union were discussed and and future goals of professional companies were formed.